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#ORACLE-1 Steps For Manual Database Creation for Oracle

This is my first post for oracle. I am learning it and here is the very basic work Creation Of Oracle Database. Ohh God So much of Work..!! I always miss at least some of it. 😛

DB2 database creation is way simpler than the oracle one.

So documenting steps I followed for the database creation:

Follow the following steps

1. Prepare the pfile File:-

    a. When an Oracle Instance is started, the characteristics of the Instance are established by parameters          specified within the initialization parameter file. These initialization parameters are either stored in a PFILE or    SPFILE. We commonly refer it as the INIT.ORA file. Specifically  I used the PFILE for my database creation.

    b. In pfile path for the parameters like control_file,db_recovery_file_dest,audit_file_dest,diagnostic_dest etc is     mentioned. During the manual db creation we need to manually create these paths as mentioned in pFile.

2. Setting the environment:-
Set the Oracle instance environment by exporting the ORACLE_SID,ORACLE_HOME etc.
e.g. : export ORACLE_SID=

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