This is second time, I am trying to write in fact trying to complete my first blog.  You can consider me among those lazy people who just created the blog site and never visited for the long time. But “Its Never Too Late”. Anyways One question that always remained unanswered for me was Why can’t I express myself effectively.?  And that is the reason why it took me almost a year to complete this blog. I find this way of writing more fruitful to know myself because it persuade me to dig into my inside.


I am a DB2 LUW DBA and DB2 LUW blogger from Pune, India. I graduated from University of Pune. My area of interest is DB2 LUW, BIG Data and DB2 Performance tuning. Worked on-site for various performance issues rigorously for few months, I improved my database performance skills and love to learn the new ways to make my system more efficient. I worked on Federation Systems built up for the Oracle Database and always share my experience through my blogs.

Lately, I won the third place in DB2’s Got Talent 2014 organized by DBI Software at DB2Night Show. The most amazing experience till now in DB2 and the only event who made me fall in love with DB2.

I am always eager to learn the new things in world of DB2. You can contact me through any social media.


Twitter: @pandeprasad1

LinkedIn: Prasad Pande



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