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[ SQL2216N] REORG Failure – “Error Code ‘-968’ while reorganization of the database”

I observed this issue recently when I was monitoring the output of the shell script that performs REORG and RUNSTATS operation periodically on all the tables of our UAT database.

We perform continuous performance tests on our application. Therefore, periodic REORG and RUNSTATS becomes mandatory for better performance.

When I found error in the output file, I observed that for the couple of high cardinality tables the REORG operation failed with the following error message:

SQL2216N Error Code ‘-968’ while reorganization of the database

One of such table was having 8.5 millions rows with 170 columns including couple of CLOB columns. For such huge tables, records were getting inserted during every transaction and it was getting bigger and bigger after every performance test.

With such large tables in place, file system was almost FULL and FAILURES increased at an alarming rate while testing.

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Posted by on May 14, 2014 in Databases, DB2


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